Low current installations

Access control, intercoms, monitoring, LAN or WLAN networks usually require the creation of an appropriate technical infrastructure, in other words, the execution of a low-current installation. Our offer includes the execution of low-current installations. We design and carry out such installations, rebuild existing low-current installations and sell accessories used to create such installations.

Low-current installations are an essential part of modern buildings. They ensure communication and security, covering systems such as CCTV, access control and burglar alarms. They support computer and telecommunications networks, enabling the flow of information. They can support building automation, energy management and lighting systems. They are also used in audio-visual systems such as home cinemas and conference systems.

What specifically do we do?

Our of low-current installations offer includes


Monitoring installation

The installation of CCTV is a key element that allows property owners to monitor their space in real time using cameras and recording systems. This increases security and the level of control over properties, which is particularly important in high-traffic or high-risk areas.


Anti-theft systems

Burglar alarm systems are essential to protect properties from unauthorised access, offering diverse solutions such as alarms, motion detectors or access locks. Their purpose is not only to act as a deterrent, but also to immediately notify the relevant services in the event of an attempted break-in.


Computer networks

Computer and telecommunications networks form the basis for modern communication and data flow, enabling fast and stable access to the internet and internal networks. They make video conferencing, remote working or complex business operations possible.


Sound systems

Sound systems are essential in places where it is necessary to communicate information or music to a larger group of people, such as shopping centres, schools or sports facilities. They can also be used to create warning or evacuation systems.

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